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CoordinateSharp Namespace

Public classAdditionalSolarTimes
Class for storing additional solar time information.
Public classAltitudeEvents
Celestial body altitude events
Public classApogee
Class for storing last and next apogee information for a specified DateTime.
Public classAstrologicalSigns
Class for storing astrological sign information.
Public classCartesian
Spherical Cartesian (X, Y, Z) Coordinate.
Public classCelestial
The main class for handling location based celestial information.
Public classCoordinate
Class for handling all location based information. This is the main class of CoordinateSharp. It will contain all coordinate conversions and celestial information once populated. Most everything you need in the library will be contained in the Coordinate class.
Public classCoordinateFormatOptions
Coordinate formatting options for Coordinate objects.
Public classCoordinatePart
Observable class for handling geodetic (latitudinal and longitudinal) coordinate parts.
Public classDistance
Class for handling distance conversions and distance/bearing values between two coordinates.
Public classEagerLoad
Class used to handle a Coordinate object's eager loading settings for geographic conversions and celestial calculation properties.
Public classEagerLoad_Extensions
Extensions to the EagerLoading class which allow for more specific EagerLoading specifications.
Public classECEF
Earth Centered - Earth Fixed (X,Y,Z) Coordinate
Public classEquinoxes
Equinox values
Public classGeoFence
The GeoFence class is used to help check if points/coordinates are inside or near a specified polygon/polyline,
Public classGeoFenceDrawer
GenFence subclass used for continuous shape drawing
Public classGeoFencePoint
This class is a help sub class to simplify GeoFence calculus
Public classGlobalSettings
Application wide, global settings for CoordinateSharp. Should be used with caution and only during times where the specified setting will not have varying changes throughout the application.
Public classJulianConversions
Julian date conversions
Public classLunarCoordinates
Coordinate information of the Moon, expressed in degrees (unless otherwise specified).
Public classLunarEclipse
Class for storing last and next lunar eclipse information at a specified DateTime and Coordinate.
Public classLunarEclipseDetails
Class containing detailed lunar eclipse information.
Public classMGRS_GridBox
MGRS 100km Square Identifier Box Details
Public classMilitaryGridReferenceSystem
Military Grid Reference System (MGRS). Uses the WGS 84 datum by default. Relies upon values from the UniversalTransverseMercator class
Public classMoonIllum
Class for storing moon illumination Information.
Public classPerigee
Class for storing last and next perigee information for a specified DateTime.
Public classPerigeeApogee
Class for storing perigee and apogee details.
Public classSolarCoordinates
Coordinate information of the Sun, expressed in degrees (unless otherwise specified).
Public classSolarEclipse
Class for storing last and next solar eclipse information at a specified DateTime and Coordinate.
Public classSolarEclipseDetails
Class containing detailed solar eclipse information.
Public classSolstices
Solstice values
Public classUniversalTransverseMercator
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system. Uses the WGS 84 Datum by default.
Public structureEarth_Ellipsoid
Handles earth ellipsoid values
Public enumerationCartesianType
Cartesian Coordinate Type
Public enumerationCelestialStatus
Used to display a celestial condition for a specified date.
Public enumerationCoordinate_Datum
Coordinate type datum specification
Public enumerationCoordinateFormatType
Coordinate format types.
Public enumerationCoordinatesPosition
Used to set a CoordinatePart object's position.
Public enumerationCoordinateType
Used to specify whether a CoordinatePart object is latitudinal or longitudinal.
Public enumerationDistanceType
Distance measurement type
Public enumerationEagerLoad_ExtensionsType
EagerLoad extensions property type enumerator
Public enumerationEagerLoadType
EagerLoad property type enumerator
Public enumerationEarth_Ellipsoid_Spec
Earth ellipsoid definitions
Public enumerationLunarEclipseType
Lunar eclipse type
Public enumerationMGRS_Type
MGRS Coordinate Type
Public enumerationParse_Format_Type
Type of format a Coordinate is parsed from.
Public enumerationPhaseEnum
Phase name enumerator
Public enumerationShape
Earth Shape for Calculations.
Public enumerationSolarEclipseType
Solar eclipse type
Public enumerationUTM_Type
UTM Coordinate Type