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EagerLoad Class

Class used to handle a Coordinate object's eager loading settings for geographic conversions and celestial calculation properties.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  CoordinateSharp
Assembly:  CoordinateSharp (in CoordinateSharp.dll) Version:
public class EagerLoad

The EagerLoad type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleEagerLoad
Creates a default EagerLoad object.
Public methodCode exampleEagerLoad(Boolean)
Create an EagerLoad object with all options on or off
Public methodCode exampleEagerLoad(EagerLoadType)
Creates an EagerLoad object. Only the specified flags will be set to eager load.
Public propertyCartesian
Eager load Cartesian information.
Public propertyCelestial
Eager load all celestial information. Setting this will also set all Celestial related extensions.
Public propertyECEF
Eager load ECEF information.
Public propertyExtensions
Extensions that allow for more specific EagerLoading specifications.
Public propertyUTM_MGRS
Eager load UTM and MGRS information.
Public methodStatic memberCode exampleCreate
Creates an EagerLoad object. Only the specified flags will be set to eager load.
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