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EagerLoad_ExtensionsType Enumeration

EagerLoad extensions property type enumerator

Namespace:  CoordinateSharp
Assembly:  CoordinateSharp (in CoordinateSharp.dll) Version:
public enum EagerLoad_ExtensionsType
  Member nameValueDescription
Solar_Cycle1 Eager load solar cycle information. Includes rises, sets, dusks, dawns and azimuth / altitude data.
Lunar_Cycle2 Eager load lunar information. Includes rises, sets, phase, distance and azimuth / altitude data.
Solar_Eclipse4 Eager load solar eclipse data.
Lunar_Eclipse8 Eager load lunar eclipse data.
Zodiac16 Eager load zodiac data.
MGRS32 Eager load MGRS data.
Solstice_Equinox64 Eager load solstice and equinox data.
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