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Parse_Format_Type Enumeration

Type of format a Coordinate is parsed from.

Namespace:  CoordinateSharp
Assembly:  CoordinateSharp (in CoordinateSharp.dll) Version:
public enum Parse_Format_Type
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Coordinate was not initialized from a parser method.
Signed_Degree1 Signed Degree DD.dddd
Decimal_Degree2 Decimal Degree P DD.dddd
Degree_Decimal_Minute3 Degree Decimal Minute P DD MM.sss
Degree_Minute_Second4 Degree Minute Second P DD MM SS.sss
UTM5 Universal Transverse Mercator
MGRS6 Military Grid Reference System
Cartesian_Spherical7 Spherical Cartesian
Cartesian_ECEF8 Earth Centered Earth Fixed
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