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EagerLoad Constructor

Creates a default EagerLoad object.

Namespace:  CoordinateSharp
Assembly:  CoordinateSharp (in CoordinateSharp.dll) Version:
public EagerLoad()
All properties are set with eager loading turned on.
The following example turns off eager loading for a Coordinate objects CelestialInfo property.
//Create a default EagerLoading object.
EagerLoad el = new EagerLoad();

//Turn of eagerloading of celestial information.
el.Celestial = false;

//Create coordinate with defined eager loading settings.
Coordinate coord = new Coordinate(25, 25, new DateTime(2018, 3, 2), el);

//Load celestial information when ready.
//Failure to do this will cause NullReference Exceptions in the Coordinate objects CelestialInfo Property.

//Display UTC sunset time at the location.
Console.WriteLine(coord.CelestialInfo.SunSet); //3/2/2018 4:23:46 PM
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