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Coordinate Properties

The Coordinate type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCartesian
Cartesian (based on spherical earth).
Public propertyCelestialInfo
Celestial information based on the objects location and geographic UTC date.
Public propertyCode exampleDisplay
Bindable formatted coordinate string.
Public propertyEagerLoadSettings
Eagerloading settings.
Public propertyECEF
Earth Centered Earth Fixed Coordinate. Uses Ellipsoidal height with no geoid model included.
GeoHeight at 0 = Mean Sea Level based on the provided Datum.
Public propertyEquatorial_Radius
Equatorial Radius of Earth (Default WGS84)
Public propertyFormatOptions
Coordinate string formatting options.
Public propertyGeoDate
Date at coordinate used to calculate celestial information.
Public propertyInverse_Flattening
Inverse Flattening of Earth (Default WGS84)
Public propertyLatitude
Latitudinal Coordinate Part.
Public propertyLongitude
Longitudinal Coordinate Part.
Public propertyMGRS
Military Grid Reference System (NATO UTM) values.
Public propertyOffset
GeoDate UTC Offset. This must be set if working / eager loading in local time.
Public propertyParse_Format
Used to determine what format the coordinate was parsed from. Will equal "None" if Coordinate was not initialized via a TryParse() method.
Public propertyUTM
Universal Transverse Mercator values.
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