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SolarEclipseDetails Properties

The SolarEclipseDetails type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAorTDuration
Duration of Annular or Total eclipse (if applicable).
Public propertyAorTEclipseBegin
DateTime when an Annular or Total eclipse begins (if applicable).
Public propertyAorTEclipseEnd
DateTime when the Annular or Total eclipse ends (if applicable).
Public propertyDate
Date of solar eclipse.
Public propertyHasEclipseData
Has SolarEclipseDetails object has been populated.
Public propertyMaximumEclipse
DateTime when eclipse is at Maximum.
Public propertyPartialEclispeBegin
DateTime when the partial eclipse begins.
Public propertyPartialEclispeEnd
DateTime when the partial eclipse ends.
Public propertyType
Solar eclipse type.
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