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Celestial Constructor (Double, Double, DateTime, Double)

Creates a Celestial object based on a location and specified date.

Namespace:  CoordinateSharp
Assembly:  CoordinateSharp (in CoordinateSharp.dll) Version:
Celestial information is normally populated within the Coordinate classes CelestialInfo property. However, you may choose to work directly within the Celestial class.
The following example demonstrates how to get the sunset time at Seattle on 19-Mar-2019 directly from a Celestial object in local time.
//Create a Celestial object the calculates from Seattle's signed lat/long on
//19-Mar-2019 (UTC) Date. Seattle is -7 UTC on this date.
Celestial cel = new Celestial(47.60357, -122.32945, new DateTime(2019, 3, 19), -7);

//Check if a sunset will occur on the specified day.
    Console.WriteLine(cel.SunSet.Value); //3/19/2019 7:20:56 PM
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