About CoordinateSharp

CoordinateSharp is an open-source .NET library that is designed to ease coordinate conversions and location based celestial information.

• The library is available via Nuget

• Project information is available on GitHub


• Most celestial calculations are based on "Astronomical Algorithms" 2nd edition by Jean Meeus (Willmann-Bell, Richmond) 1998.

• Certain solar algorithms were adapted from NOAA and Zacky Pickholz 2008 "C# Class for Calculating Sunrise and Sunset Times" NOAA The Zacky Pickholz project

• Certain lunar calculations were adapted from the mourner / suncalc project (c) 2011-2015, Vladimir Agafonkin suncalc & These Formulas by Dr. Louis Strous

• Calculations for illumination parameters of the moon based on NASA Formulas and Chapter 48 of "Astronomical Algorithms" 2nd edition by Jean Meeus (Willmann-Bell, Richmond) 1998.

• UTM & MGRS Conversions were referenced from US ARMY TEC-SR-7 1996, Sami Salkosuo's j-coordconvert library & Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences,University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

• ECEF Conversions were referenced from works by James R. Clynch

• Solar and Lunar Eclipse calculations were adapted from NASA's Eclipse Calculator created by Chris O'Byrne and Fred Espenak.

• Aspects of distance calculations referenced worked by Ed Williams Great Circle Calculator

• Magnetic data and formulas were provided by NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information & the British Geological Survey Geomagnetism Team.

• Web Mercator calculations were adapted from IOGP Publication 373-7-2 with the help of Shan Siddiqui.

• GEOREF calculations were adapted from the work of Charles F. F. Karney

• Original graphic and logo design work was donated by area55. It has since been updated, but the concept continues to influence our branding.

• All GitHub users who contribute code and/or create issues!